Hangovers are crippling our Nation’s economy.

Having recently lived through this when my beloved Philadelphia Eagles brought home their first Super Bowl Championship in history, I have witnessed firsthand, what the effects of a good night out, aka the dreaded hangover, can do to a normally productive workforce.

There are even a few occasions, most of which I will not describe in detail, that I may have been a factor in the calculation of lost man hours.

The American Journal of Preventative Medicine posted a Study in 2015 on the effect of excessive drinking on the US Economy in 2010.  Long story short, of the $250 Billion (with a B) they calculated, $90 Billion of that was due to lost workforce productivity. In other words, people showed up as Zombies or they flat out didn’t show up at all due to drinking too much the night before. If you have worked in a corporate environment, you may have seen or even may been these people.

Let’s face it folks, most of us like to go out and enjoy ourselves.  Blowing off steam is what keeps us from smashing the coffee maker and slapping Bob from Accounting. Do we take it too far on occasion? In a word…absolutely.  The expense reports don’t lie. Actually, yes they do. A lot.

I have had the pleasure to have Last Shot for close to 6 years now. I have also had the pleasure to have many people look at me in disbelief and utter confusion as I pull out one of my trusty PowerCaps. It gave me joy knowing that while I may have made some poor calculations in judgement up to that point, I had a plan for dealing with the next day’s responsibilities. To not have a hangover in the first place.

Where is everybody?

The Last Shot PowerCap is for sure a conversation starter.  Especially at Corporate Conferences and Sales Kickoffs.

What the hell is that? I’ve heard that one far too many times, but it has given me the opportunity to hone my elevator pitch.  Something I’m thankful for today.

That’ll never work.says the person who 60 seconds prior asked the above question to the person who will not travel without them.

Do you have any more of those?asked just hours later by the same person when they aren’t, shall we say feeling 100% when it was time to answer the bell.

As I look back on the countless weekday training, corporate events and business dinners I’ve attended over the past 20 years, I don’t question the validity the loss of productivity seen in the study I mentioned earlier. And I think, if more folks had a product like Last Shot what a different path their careers might have taken. OK. Well, maybe that’s a little bold. Let’s just say we all might have saved the American economy billions of dollars.

Until next time, may you enjoy the night and take back the morning.